About St. Peter’s

About St. Peter’s

St. Peter’s Episcopal School radiates from the endless energy of happy, captivated students.

Our school is a community where every educator is distinctively innovative, and every student is a scientist, an artist, an historian, a mathematician, an author, and a scholar. Recognizing that the spontaneity and expanse of a child’s unbridled curiosity is a personal pursuit for knowledge, we validate our student’s fascinations. We embrace their inquiries, guide their explorations, and celebrate their discoveries. At St. Peter’s, we are cultivating bold, passionate learners because we are preserving the authenticity of their sense of wonder.

St. Peter’s has a rhythm, a pulse, a choreography that invites collaborative study, creative expression, and open exchange. Intentionally designed, our approach is comprehensive yet age-appropriate. We develop intellect while awakening imagination; model discipline while enjoying the unexpected; nurture emotional maturity while safeguarding childhood innocence; attend to individual student achievement while fostering awareness and concern for global issues. Without doubt, St. Peter’s enterprising and visionary spirit is redefining the paradigm for early childhood education. We are elevating the elementary school experience to extraordinary.

Our Mission Statement

Entwined by common purpose, the students, teachers, parents, and friends of St. Peter's School create an educational environment that nurtures love of learning, joy of service and a lively faith.

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