Library & Technology

Library & Technology

In a world built on virtually limitless access to information, it’s easy to dismiss the notion of a library as outdated. We don’t think they are. To be sure, we believe in meeting the demands of a digitally connected world. We also believe an accessible, physical space dedicated to interdisciplinary exploration provides wonderful opportunities for students to conceptualize and contextualize the act of searching for information.

The Wonder Center for Reading, Research, and Creative Learning

The Wonder Center is one of St. Peter’s signature learning environments. This space integrates the conventional role of a library with the vast educational possibilities of technology. Students are encouraged to experiment, research, share creative ideas, collaborate on projects, and especially to explore the connections between different subjects. Athena software lets teachers easily share library resources with their classrooms, compelling students to further exploration and helping them build intellectual stamina.

Responsive to the needs of teachers and students, The Wonder Center is also an ever-evolving resource, expanding its collection of physical and virtual assets so that students can continually compile and assimilate information into new knowledge.

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