Spiritual Enrichment

Spiritual Enrichment

St. Peter’s is a school founded under the principles and practices of the larger Episcopal Church. Our community includes members of many faith traditions; however most are Christian. All students and faculty convene for weekly chapel services during which we collectively promote unity through common spirituality, not common doctrine. As an Episcopal community, we seek and worship as a celebration of our universal humanity that focuses on empowering students to develop a more authentic spiritual life.

At St. Peter’s, we gather weekly in a sacred space for spiritual growth. Our chapel services adhere to an Episcopal ethos, an attitude that acknowledges us as spiritual beings on a human journey. Guided by this approach, chapel is an open conversation that appreciates the mystery and breadth of God's love, inspires debate, values diverse ideas, and respects other faith customs.

Within the context of the Episcopal tradition, chapel is a time for students. Chapel is an opportunity for students to share their musical and dramatic talents, their stories, and their ideas and a place where we welcome guest speakers, celebrate holidays, and recognize achievements. By attending chapel, our students not only experience the rhythms of corporate worship, the benefits of community, and the bounty of spiritual reflection. They also develop a sense of personal and social responsibility that will be essential as members of a global society.

Faith development is a vital part of the spiritual program at St. Peter’s. Taught as an enrichment class, faith development is an opportunity for faculty to extend learning beyond academics and more deeply connect with students and their faith traditions.

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