Grade School

Grade School

St. Peter’s Grade School Program encourages cumulative academic, physical and socio-cultural development from Kindergarten through Grade 5.

In each facet of the Program, you’ll see our dedication to creative exploration balanced with well-researched methodology; in aggregate, you’ll recognize our commitment to educating the “whole child” upon a foundation of comprehensive human literacy. We believe our approach offers the best opportunity for our children to live happy, healthy, wonder-filled lives long after they’ve left St. Peter’s.

The anchor of our academic structure is the Core Knowledge Sequence. First released by The Core Knowledge Foundation in 1988, the current Sequence provides an outline for developing knowledge and skill in language arts, history, geography, mathematics, science, and the fine arts. More than broad guidelines, the Sequence provides specific content to develop specific skills. The Foundation’s stated mission, “Excellence and Equity for All Children,” echoes our own philosophy and allows us to efficiently integrate highly durable, widely accepted academic standards into our necessarily individualized approach to education.

While the rigor of the Core Knowledge Sequence guides our curriculum, we firmly believe that education can’t simply be taught to students, but must be experienced by students. As such, the Grade School Program explicitly integrates a diverse range of physical activities, artistic endeavors, field trips and extracurricular content into the core curriculum.

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