2nd Grade

2nd Grade

In second grade, teachers challenge students to be accountable for their learning and behavior. The curriculum includes an intentional emphasis on organizational skills and study strategies to help students educationally mature into confident, proactive learners.

The classroom academics create a space for forging friendships and collaborative work, positioning students to accept responsibility as they socially navigate within the educational experience. This approach develops strong communication skills as students also learn to actively listen, respectfully respond, and compassionately support their peers. They practice constructive ways of dealing with conflict and cultivate paths for resolution.

One of the things I love about our second grade is that teachers understand that, at this age, kids have one foot in the 'little kid' world and one foot in the 'big kid' world. St. Peter's teachers do a great job of balancing the rigor of higher academic expectations with the kindness and affection that young kids still need."

Sarah Steffner

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