3rd Grade

3rd Grade

The St. Peter’s third grade program revolves around students becoming independent learners and thinkers. The classroom dynamic is energetic and robust as teachers provoke and encourage participation. Because third graders are becoming more aware, teachers seize the opportunity to foster inquiry and discover. The classroom crescendos with lively conversation about space travel, numerical relationships, classic Roman architecture, and an ever-expanding vocabulary list.

The third grade verve thrives on expansion. Every student is exploring a new dimension of self and recognizing themselves as unique among their peers. Teachers work collaboratively with enrichment faculty to bolster the third grade experience to heighten expectations of achievement. Third grade represents a year of extraordinary growth; a year when students understand the excitement of their personal curiosity.

Second and third grades are really when you can watch little kids become big kids, and St. Peter's does an amazing job of fostering both the academic and emotional parts of that transition. I am so thankful, as a parent, to know that my children are getting the right amount of challenge, encouragement, and comfort.

Sarah Steffner

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