4th Grade

4th Grade

At St. Peter’s, fourth grade has a reputation for exceedingly high expectations and unimaginable rewards. This year is when students begin their transition towards an academic life outside of St. Peter’s. Teachers challenge students to think differently and make connections to prior knowledge that can build bridges to new understanding. As members of a larger community of learners, students are responsible to contributing to the learning experience.

Fourth grade is an environment when students are poised about their ideas and are able to confidently dialogue about their opinions. They have achieved a level of maturity that opens them to accepting critique and respecting others. At St. Peter’s, fourth grade students are reflective and deeply concerned advocates. They are mindful of the world beyond their classroom.

The 4th Grade teachers are rock stars. Both Randi Schlosser and Jennifer von Klar are exemplary educators, who are expressively passionate about St. Peter’s and their students. Teaching to them is not just a job. Teaching is a privilege; a higher calling.

Eddie Grant

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