5th Grade

5th Grade

Upon entering fifth grade, students have earned the status of school leaders. They are prepared to help guide and mentor younger students and are ready to prepare themselves for exciting educational opportunities beyond the halls of St. Peter’s. They are fully independent, confident, and academically curious.

During their final year as St. Peter’s students, they will transition into fully independent individuals. Because of their now solid background knowledge, students are given a greater opportunity to explore and examine subject matter, allowing them a greater sense of freedom and responsibility. They are ready and able to synthesize information. They are encouraged to discover and embrace their unique learning styles, and to begin to work with their strengths in mind. The longer-term projects are formulated to encourage students to take ownership of their learning, positioning them to solve problems as they arise.

“St. Peter’s is more than a school to us. St. Peter’s is an extension of our family. The strength of the educational experience lies in the rich curricula, the incredible faculty, and their attention to detail. They work with each student to develop critical thinking and reasoning skills. All three of our children were taught to be creative problem solvers. They were taught to reflect on what it means to be compassionate and to care. The standard of academic excellence at St. Peter's, with the strong emphasis on moral and character development, has far exceeded our expectations.”

Sarah and Duke Richey

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