The quality of St. Peter’s Preschool-3 program is unparalleled. Framed to significantly boost a child’s independence, competence, and resilience, the program design has three enrollment options: 3 days (M/W/F), 5 days (M-F), and 2 days (T/Th).

Spanish Immersion
Barbara Rodriguez, Lead Teacher
Denisse Zirangua-Onofre, Teacher Assistant

“Language is paramount. Every day we use language to solve problems, develop ideas, and establish relationships. Therefore, immersing young children in a second language is providing them with a tool they will use their entire lives. St. Peter’s is visionary in offering the Spanish Immersion Program. What better preparation could a parent offer a child?”

Ryan Armstrong

"Kane's brain is being stimulated in ways a traditional education does not touch. Learning Spanish in preschool will give him a global perspective and a real world advantage for future success."

Meghan Whitley

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