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Portrait of a Graduate

St. Peter's Portrait of a Graduate 

Upon graduation our students will be...

Confident Leaders Who

  • Inspire and include all
  • Conduct with poise, politeness, and respect
  • Demonstrate resilience

Lifelong Learners Who

  • Thrive academically 
  • Exhibit a Growth Mindset
  • Explore their gifts and talents with joy and curiosity

Flexible Thinkers Who:

  •  Adapt and consider different perspectives
  • Approach challenges with creativity and problem-solving skills
  • Navigate complex situations in a rapidly changing world

Compassionate Citizens Who:

  • Show empathy, kindness, and concern for God's creation and others within our community and beyond
  • Make a positive difference in the lives of others
  • Engage in philanthropy and social initiatives to promote overall well-being in society