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Growing Confident Leaders

Our Classic program focuses on growing students who are deep thinkers, collaborators, problem solvers, and confident leaders. We are committed to providing an exceptional education that is designed to instill a love and passion for lifelong learning. Using a curriculum that flows smoothly through each grade to build a strong foundation in literacy and math, as well as a focus on small group instruction to help all of our students rise to their fullest potential, our Classic program offers an enriching environment that embraces both academic excellence and strong character development. Our classroom communities develop meaningful relationships through collaborative conversations about the discoveries taking place in our classes. The trusting, nurturing environment within our program gives students the confidence to shine in their own individual ways and share their unique talents through engaging hand-on learning experiences.

When you enter a Classic classroom, you will immediately feel the enthusiastic buzz of learning welcome you at the door. Students engage in partner work in learning stations, challenge their thinking at the small group teaching table, complete projects that integrate content areas, escape into stories that capture their reading hearts, write stories and that need to be shared with the world, conduct experiments that spike their sense of wonder, or work together to solve math problems connected to the real world. No matter the learning that is taking place in a Classic classroom, our students are loving to learn.  

Students in the Classic program play and learn with their friends in the Spanish Immersion program just down the hall. This gives both classes a wider base for social connections, while retaining the small class size that St. Peter's is famous for.