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Learning Support

Empowering Leaders 

We believe every child is uniquely intelligent and infinitely curious. When empowered, children think creatively, question purposefully, and discover endlessly. We braid this belief into our academic structure by maintaining small class sizes, developing diverse educational experiences in and out of the classroom, and so on.

However, every St. Peter’s student is a singular learner, a specific profile of attributes with unique strengths and differences. Because individuals develop, learn, and grow in a variety of ways, St. Peter’s provides academic support that endeavors to make sure each student’s academic performance reflects his or her unique potential.

In addition to one-on-one tutoring and available extracurricular help, we refer to as WIN Time (What I Need), we also maintain consistent communication with families to make sure academic support extends to our students' lives at home.

WIN Time

WIN Time (What I Need) at St. Peter's is a program designed to help students reach their fullest potential.  Its mission is "to help students bridge the gap between their academic potential and their academic performance."

We know that children develop at different rates, and we want to facilitate their success in the classroom.  Our goal is to work with individual students during the regular school day to help them improve in a specific area of instruction.