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Hands on Learning

The early childhood years, between birth and age 5, are the most pivotal and influential for children. Not only is this brief interval a time of insatiable curiosity, but it is also a period of extraordinary cognitive, emotional and physical advancement. Specifically, early childhood affords parents an opportunity to positively impact the educational, social, and emotional development of their children.

The quality of the St. Peter’s preschool program is unparalleled. Both the Spanish Immersion and the Classic Curriculum tracks seek to significantly boost a child’s independence, competence, and resilience, while encouraging the wonder of childhood.

At. St. Peter’s, preschool is still a time for play and exploration, but also a time for learning classroom manners, making friends, and laying the foundation for kindergarten. Goals include working on gross and fine motor skills, recognizing numbers and patterns, enjoying the variety of language expression, and discovering science concepts like weather and plant and animal habitats.

The immersion and classic students combine for art, music, PE, and STORM science lab, which are taught by specialty teachers. Weekly chapel, guided by the school’s chaplain (who is also rector of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church), focuses on God’s love of everyone. This follows the Episcopal Church’s doctrine of respecting all faith traditions.

​Preschool offers three enrollment options: 3 days (M/W/F), 5 days (M-F), and 2 days (T/Th). Plans may also include afterschool care led by the Aventuras staff, and activities like the PeeWee Pep Squad and Soccer Shots.

Our Junior Kindergarten program combines the best of innovative educational programming like organic gardening and trained leadership from our staff of certified teachers. The flexible schedule allows parents and caregivers to give their children the benefits of a classroom setting in an elementary school while nurturing their need to just be kids. St. Peter's Junior Kindergarteners become confident and adaptable kindergartners in a setting they are already familiar with and with a faculty that knows their name and interests.

​The quality of St. Peter’s Junior Kindergarten program is unparalleled. Framed to significantly boost a child’s independence, competence, and resilience, the program design has two enrollment options: the Classic Program or Spanish Immersion. There are also 3 days (M/W/F) or 5 days (M-F), and full or half-day options.