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Spanish Immersion

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In August 2014, St. Peter’s boldly redefined its preschool program by implementing a Spanish language immersion program. Broadly referred to as foreign language immersion, this distinctive approach allows young children to acquire fluency in a second language in the same way they learned English.

​Foreign language immersion is an educational methodology that involves teaching traditional, conventional academic subjects such as math, science, social studies, and language arts, in a non-native language. This system uses the rich palette and nuanced expressions of language to embellish and extend the dimension of the learning environment and to ensure students attain fluency in a second language. At St. Peter’s, Spanish is the conduit through which students are academically advancing.

Research surrounding foreign language immersion is vast and substantiated. Students, who are fluent in a second language, are also more cognitively astute, mentally flexible, and culturally aware.

St. Peter’s offers a Spanish immersion option to Preschoolers through 5th grade students. Teachers instruct and interact with students speaking only Spanish in the classroom.

Students who acquire fluency in a second language at an early age:

  • Are more capable of acquiring other languages;
  • Become more intellectually flexible and cognitively astute;
  • Develop a heightened understanding, respect, and concern for other cultures and globally issues;
  • Experience long-term academic success, typically scoring higher on all standardized tests;
  • Develop a capacity at a younger age to comprehend complex, abstract concept;
  • Demonstrate high confidence and self-esteem;
  • Pursue more difficult educational programs.

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