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Grow as you go

Healthy classrooms are integral to the St. Peter’s educational experience. Our space is ample, organized, and comfortable.

However, classrooms are most effective in context. When students encounter a range of learning experiences in a multitude of environments, they use the calmer structure of the classroom environment to reflect on other experiences and, importantly, to imagine new and exciting things to explore. To provide this healthy context for our excellent classrooms, we developed WonderQuest.

Fully integrated with our curriculum, WonderQuest gives students chances to explore core subject matter outside the classroom. As with all St. Peter’s programs, we tailor methods according to the collective personalities of each class, but staples of WQ include:

  • Margaret's Garden, where students study biology and natural sciences while growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, and plants;
  • Trailwise, where students explore interdisciplinary concepts through nature's classroom in collaboration with Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center