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PE & Wellness

Wellness is the successful balance of mind, body and spirit.

At St. Peter's, significant focus has been given to developing PE and Wellness programs that explore the balanced intersection of mind, body and spirit. 

Specific applications include:

  • Weekly chapel services for all students, Bible classes for preschool through second graders, and Faith Development classes for third through fifth graders
  • A full-time therapist and a full-time religion teacher to support students and families with in-house services and external resources
  • Parent Wellness Seminars led by our therapist
  • Partnership with The Social Institute to aid our students and parents with navigating their social world positively - including social media and technology — to fuel their health, happiness, and future success
  • Mindfulness breaks throughout the day for reflection, play, special-interest clubs and/or getting outside

Physical education at St. Peter's provides a range of dramatic advantages to students. In addition to the self-evident benefits to a child’s, dexterity, coordination, and stamina, spirited physical activity increases blood flow to the brain, increases overall neural activity, and boosts knowledge retention.

St. Peter’s approach to physical education barely resembles the lap running and group aerobics of years past. Our PE classes, offered twice a week for all students, engage our students natural curiosity by helping them explore a broad cultural spectrum of athletic pursuits.

Beyond the seasonal schedules of our traditional sports teams, physical activities at St. Peter’s are never prescribed. We tailor our PE curriculum to each class, always with a focus on cultivating a lifelong love for athletics, teamwork, and healthy competition.

House Games

At the end of the school year in May, faculty, staff, and students participate in field day activities. It's a day of fun, outdoor movement and healthy competition in which children take part in age-appropriate games.

Outdoor Exploration and Activities

Our students benefit from an expansive campus as well as a partnership with Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center where they hike and explore the natural world through our Trailwise program.


Students visit the playgrounds and enjoy recess every day. Research shows that there are significant cognitive, social-emotional, and physical benefits from spending time outside of the classroom.