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Performing Arts

Building Confident and Dynamic SpeakersAt St. Peter’s students engage in a wide range of performing arts. All students participate in musical productions and opportunities to shine their light on stage. They discover the arts of other cultures, develop their creative voices, and experiment with their imaginations. St. Peter’s nurtures the artistic spirit of its students.

At. St. Peter’s, all the world is a stage in the Preschool-3 and Junior Kindergarten classrooms. Without reservation, young children will mentally, emotionally, and physically immerse themselves in dramatic enactments. This bountiful capacity is a platform from which teachers introduce the dramatic arts. Students act as characters in familiar stories or create scenarios from their life experiences. These activities build memory, prompt creative expression, expand language, grow self-esteem, promote organizational thinking and develop social skills.

​St. Peter’s has a long-standing tradition for exceptional theatrical productions, and every year, Preschool-3 through fifth grade students invite audiences to attend performances presented on the fabled St. Peter's stage. Because the dramatic arts enrich learning, students participate in the entire production process. Under the direction of a theater arts professional, students create dialogue, build sets, design props and costumes, and administer tech work such as lights and sound.