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Volunteer Hours

St. Peter's Parents and Teachers Organization (SPPAT)

SPPAT is dedicated to encouraging and supporting family participation in the life of St. Peter's for the purpose of supporting the school's mission. With volunteers and fundraising, SPPAT supports activities that enrich the student' intellectual achievement, cultural appreciation physical development, and spiritual and moral growth. 

Executive Committee 2023-2024 

  • Lori Hardeman, President, 423.595.9551,
  • Ashley Battles, President, 423.400.3394,
    • Morgan Howard, President Elect, 423.762.0318,
    • Matt Glass, Treasurer, 423.994.8001,
    • Jamie McDaniel- Porter, Secretary, 423.260.8813,
    • Maggie Evans, Homeroom Parent Liaison, 423.802.6252,
    • Bill Spurlock, Executive Coordinator, 423.322.7787,
    • Cassie Kite, Volunteer Coordinator,423.443.9021,
    • Alexandra Chavez, Faculty Representative,

Recording Volunteer Hours: Each family is responsible for fulfilling a minimum of 18 volunteer hours per year. Each family may submit their hours thorugh ParentsWeb and include number of hours, dates, and nature of the work performed. 

Click here for step by step instructions 

Volunteer Recognition: Each family that provides at least 50 hours of service will be recognized in the Epistle and with the presentation of a new book to the St. Peter's School Library in their honor. 

Volunteer Opportunities: There are many opportunities for volunteer service to St. Peter's School, both during the school hour and other times. Most activities are either in support of SPPAT fundraisers or the teachers and school staff. We encourage you to use your talents. If you have a special skill that you are willing to use in service to the school, please let us know. If you have any questions or need assistance in finding volunteer opportunities, contact a SPPAT officer or the school office