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Summer Fun With Camp Twister!

Greetings from Camp Twister!

Hold on to your hats because St. Peter's Camp Twister is gearing up for a summer of awesomeness! Our commitment is crystal clear – we're on a mission to provide not just your ordinary camps but extraordinary experiences that blend safe skills, emotional support, and loads of fun-filled activities.

Picture this: Three-year-olds diving headfirst into the adventure of what school will be like for them in the upcoming year. Meanwhile, our school-aged campers are in for a treat with daily science escapades that turn ordinary moments into extraordinary, mind-blowing experiences.

Now, let's talk about our Camp Twister dream team – a squad of enthusiasts trained and ready to greet our campers! Brace yourselves; your kids are in for an immersive journey surrounded by an environment that's not just safe but truly exciting.

Whether you're already part of the St. Peter's family or you're just considering a fun summer option for your child(ren), we extend a playful invitation for you to join in on the magic of an exceptional summer experience. Get ready for a twisty, turny, and absolutely terrific time at St. Peter's Camp Twister!

We can't wait to see you!

Aly Thompson | Director of Auxiliary Programs

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