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Counseling Services



St. Peter's incorporates a variety of emotional wellness programming into the curriculum.

Meet Mrs. Emily Lowe, school therapist.

We are fortunate to have a school therapist on staff and available to our students, parents, and faculty/staff. The primary responsibility of our therapist is to provide emotional and social guidance and support for the school community in an effort to promote an exceptional environment for learning, social responsibility, and childhood development.

Developmental differences among students help to define the roles and responsibilities of our therapist, but the primary responsibilities include (1) provision of direct, short-term counseling services, (2) consultation with administration and faculty, (3) wellness education for students, faculty/staff, and parents, (4) serving as chairperson of the ABC (Addressing Behaviors of Concern) team, a multi-disciplinary team whose efforts focus on assisting and supporting students with specific challenges, and (5) serving as a liaison amongst the school, students, parents, and outside professionals in order to help each student achieve his or her full potential at St. Peter's.